Investor Club


  • To live better lives by creating passive income and thereby gaining more control of our time!
  • To spread awareness, excitement, and passion about financial freedom (rather than retirement)!
  • To continue learning, growing, and improving both financially and personally!
  • To surround ourselves by a community of like-minded, benevolent, positive, and motivated people!
  • To keep the goal of financial freedom in the forefront of our minds and actions!
  • To enjoy the journey while growing, learning, and taking action!


  • Live zoom meetings, link sent to members in advance
  • Meetings recorded for those with schedule conflicts
  • Recording archive accessible to members
  • Free, nothing to buy, no obligations
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  • Trainings / presentations for general investing knowledge
  • Subject matter expert interviews
  • Book and article reviews
  • Member interviews and success stories
  • Resources and actions steps at conclusion of each meeting
  • Interactive format and time for discussion each meeting
  • Dedicated sessions for Q&A

Tentative Meeting Schedule (April-May)

  • Wednesday April 6th 7pm: Intro to investor club / The first four things our $25k wealth coach taught us (in a nutshell)
  • Thursday April 14th 7pm: Investing strategy crash course – questions you need to answer before you start investing
  • Wednesday April 20th 7pm: Intro to multifamily 
  • Thursday April 28th 7pm: Intro to single family home investing (Guest: Dr. Chris Sutterfield)
  • Wednesday May 4th 7pm:  10+ ways to invest in real estate
  • Wednesday May 11th 7pm:  More on multifamily – (Guest: Shane Thomas with Catalyst Equity) 

Upcoming Topics

  • Introduction to Bitcoin – should it be in your portfolio? (Guest: Alex Stanczyk with Swan Bitcoin
  • Who has it right – Dave Ramsey (debt free) or Rober Kioski (financially free)?
  • Whole life insurance – the basics, why investors have it, how investors use it
  • Leveraged whole life insurance – another cash flow play
  • Investing through Self directed IRA’s (Guest: Quest IRA)
  • Introduction to taxes for the real estate investor
  • How to pay less in taxes… legally! (Guest: Deni Baldwin from Provision)
  • Update on the multifamily apartment market (Guest: To be announced)

Tentative Future Meeting Dates

  • Thursday June 2nd
  • Thursday June 16th
  • Thursday June 30th
  • Thursday July 14th
  • Wednesday July 27th
  • Thursday August 11th

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