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Paul Stafford

Advantages of Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing serves as a multifaceted financial strategy, offering consistent income, potential for appreciation, stability, inflation hedge, equity leveraging, and substantial tax benefits, thereby facilitating wealth accumulation and financial growth.


Cash flow

While traditional stock market investing may not guarantee regular cash flow, passive real estate investment can. Rental income from real estate provides a steady, predictable stream, allowing you to share in profitability regularly. This income, often bolstered by property appreciation over time, makes real estate investing a reliable wealth-building tool.



Traditional stock market investing is
subject to fees, taxes, and volatility,
all of which significantly decrease
the growth of a traditional portfolio.
Adding real estate to your portfolio
can increase your return, protect
you from stock market crashes, and
help you grow your wealth.


Inflation hedge

Real estate is one of the best
inflation hedges; historically, rental
rates increase more than inflation.
This means that the property value
and your ownership share will stay
ahead of inflation and preserve the
purchasing power of your capital


Tax benefit

The US tax code incentivises real
estate investing by giving tax
benefits to investors. Passive
investors get a share of the
property’s depreciation and this can
shield a portion of the cash flow
and/or gain on sale from being taxed.


Forced appreciation

In residential real estate,
appreciation occurs solely by
market forces. In contrast,
commercial real estate’s
appreciation can be “forced”. By
increasing the income produced at
the property, it’s value goes up, and
this creates profits for investors

Meet Paul and Miranda

Paul Stafford and Miranda Phillips, both formally educated as physicians, made a career
transition from full-time medical practices to multifamily real estate investing in 2017.
Paul currently divides his time between working as a part-time orthopedic surgeon and
actively participating in multifamily investments. He is one of the co-founders of Everest
Capital Management, where he plays a key role in managing their real estate portfolio.
Additionally, he is dedicated to supporting and educating fellow physicians and busy
professionals on the subject of multifamily investing. Through his educational platform,
Elite Wealth and Wellness, Paul shares his expertise and knowledge, empowering others
to embark on their own investment journey.
Miranda works part-time as an emergency room physician, helps others optimise their
health through her lifestyle and longevity medical practice, and actively assists with
managing their real estate portfolio alongside her other responsibilities.

Together, Paul and Mirada have passive investments in over 8,000 doors and serve as co-
general partners for more than 2,800 doors.

How does passive investing work?


Our team buys

We buy along side our team of general partners and industry experts


You invest

You invest as a passive investor by contributing capital to the deal. As an equity investor, you’ll get a percentage of the profits AND tax benefits.


Our team manages

Our property management and asset mangement teams oversee and operate the deal.


You receive passive income

As a passive investor, you’ll get cash flow during the hold period and a gain on sale once the property sells.

Work with our team.

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Our Mission

Everest Capital Management

Everest Capital Management seeks to offer physicians
and busy professionals with reliable investment
opportunities, enabling them to enjoy tax-advantaged
passive income and capital gains without the need to
switch professions or become real estate experts.

Elite Wealth and Wellness

Elite Wealth and Wellness, the educational branch of Everest Capital Management, is committed to equipping individuals with the mindset, knowledge, and strategies needed to thrive in multifamily investing.

Our primary goal is to raise awareness and provide education specifically tailored to physicians and other busy professionals who may not have a background in real estate. We believe that many professionals face significant obstacles in achieving financial freedom and passive income due to a lack of awareness and understanding in these areas. Without proper training, they often find themselves sacrificing their time, health, and family in pursuit of income.

At Elite Wealth and Wellness, we are dedicated to changing this narrative. Our mission is to offer education, inspiration, and a clear blueprint for financial freedom through multifamily investing. We want to empower individuals to create a more balanced, fulfilling, and healthier life by providing them with the tools and knowledge to achieve lasting financial independence.

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